MNF Squares Board

2020 MNF Squares Board Winners

2020 MNF Squares Board Numbers

The Independent Sports Club of Central Illinois is pleased to again offer the Monday Night Football Squares Board.  We only plan on doing one this year so I’d act quickly.

The squares are $200 each and you will have the same square for the entire season, but the numbers for the squares board will change for each game.  The squares board numbers will be randomly drawn for all 17 MNF games and circulated to all participants prior to the start of the regular season.

For each MNF game, $250 will be awarded to the winning square at the end of the First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter and the Final Score.

COVID Contingency: If any MNF games are not played this season, we will put marbles numbered 0 through 9 into a raffle cage and draw each quarter for both teams for every game not played.  We will do this with all 10 marbles in the cage for every draw so that numbers can repeat.  If you don’t like this as a Plan B, then don’t reserve a square.  We will wait until games are cancelled and then draw them all at once on Facebook Live at an ISC board meeting.  We will circulate an adjusted plan for paying winners at that time.

Hit the Rules tab on this site for more details, including methods of payment.  Please make sure you have square(s) reserved either on this site before paying.  Payment must be confirmed to a board member or the commissioner within three days of reserving the square or the reservation will be cancelled.

To reserve a square, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit our board “ISC Monday Night Football 2020” at:

Step 2: Scroll down to the grid & pick an available square.  You’ll be asked to login.  If you have reserved squares on any of our online boards in the last two years, then use the same User ID & password.  If you are new to this site, then fill out the form to create your User ID.

Step 3: Once you successfully login, you will be asked for the Contest Password which is fundraiser  (case sensitive)

Step 4: Enter a name (keep it short & minimize spaces) and Reserve your square(s)!

Step 5: Choose and execute your method of payment and then send an email or text to me to let me know how you are paying.  Or use the PayPal option below.

Again, most questions can be answered on the Rules tab on this site, but feel free to contact me or any board member if you need help.  A roster of our board members can be found here.  Phone numbers for board members are listed in the most recent newsletter, which can be accessed on our website and Facebook page.

Good luck and thank you for your support of the ISC!

Jeff Doeden

ISC Board Member & Squares Boards Commissioner

(309) 453-3633


Super Bowl Squares Board

Super Bowl Squares Board I

Super Bowl Squares Board II

Each year the Independent Sports Club of Central Illinois offers a Super Bowl Squares Board. Each square is $50.

To reserve a square(s) for the 2020 Super Bowl:

  1. Go the site link: Super Bowl Squares Board II or Super Bowl Squares Board I
  2. Create An Account and submit it.
  3. Enter our site password:  fundraiser
  4. Select any available square and enter the name you want on the square, which does not have to match your User Name.

The Rules tab covers all pertinent info for this board.

Payouts will be as follows:

End of 1st Quarter: $1,000

End of 1st Half: $1,000

End of 3rd Quarter: $1,000

Final Score: $1,000

Payment of $50/square can be made via cash or check payable to ISC, or Paypal below. Payment must be received by an ISC board member and confirmed to the commissioner within three days of reserving a square through this site.  All squares must be paid for prior to the start of the Super Bowl.  Mail your check payable to ISC to:


PO Box 5776

Peoria, IL 61601

All distributions will be made via checks from the ISC within one week of the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

Any questions or if you pay via Paypal, please send an email or text to Jeff Doeden, ISC Squares Boards Commissioner, at or (309) 453-3633.