World Series Squares Board

2021 World Series Squares Board Winner

The Independent Sports Club of Central Illinois is pleased to again offer a squares board for the MLB World Series.

The squares are $50 each and you will have the same square for every game in the series. The winning squares for each game will be determined by the final box score. For each team, simply add the Runs, Hits & Errors and treat that sum as their score.
For example:

AL Team has 5 runs, 8 hits and no errors. The total is 13, so the 3 matters.

NL Team has 8 runs on 10 hits and 1 error. The total is 19, so the 9 matters.

The winner of this game would be square AL 3, NL 9.


There will be one winner per game, and the total pot to be paid out of $4,200 will be divided evenly by the number of games played (4, 5, 6 or 7).

Sweep = $1,050 to each winner

5-game series = $840 to each winner
6-game series = $700 to each winner
7-game series = $600 to each winner

All winners will be paid via check from the ISC approximately one week after the conclusion of the World Series.

Hit the Rules tab on this site for more details, including methods of payment.  Please make sure you have square(s) reserved on this site before paying.  Payment must be confirmed to a board member or the commissioner within four days of reserving the square or the reservation will be cancelled.

Thank you for your support of the ISC!

Jeff Doeden

ISC Board Member & Squares Board Commissioner

(309) 453-3633


World Series Squares