About ISC Scholarships

The ISC awards scholarships to high school senior athletes from the Tri-County area. Just in the last few years, we have increased the number of scholarships awarded from four to eight to 10. The number varies based on the club’s capability, the quality of the applications, and recommendations from the scholarship committee, subject to approval by the board of directors.

A committee of six ISC board members reviews and scores each application based on three main criteria:
1) Varsity sport participation and awards
2) Academic achievements including class rank, GPA, and SAT or ACT score
3) Participation in school clubs, activities, and community service

Extra points can be earned by submitting additional information such as a resume, letters of recommendation, or a personal essay.

There is tremendous high school talent in the tri-county area, not only in athletics, but also in the classroom and in the community as well. We are very proud to be able to help these young adults get a good start on their college experience with a $1,000 scholarship.

2024 ISC Scholarship Application – Click HERE

2023 ISC Scholarship winners

Past ISC Scholarship winners


Scott Anderson (Peoria Notre Dame)
Justis Bachman (Eureka)
Paul Balea (Dunlap)
Kaden Hartnett (Metamora)
Marquis Woodson (Manual)
Mary Brietbach (Peoria Notre Dame)
Elizabeth Hanley (Peoria Notre Dame)
Shannon McCall (Dunlap)
Elissa Roozenboom (Washington)
Olivia Skibinski (Richwoods)
Carly Vaughn (Washington)


Frank Driscoll (Limestone)
Grant Hunt (Princeville)
Jeffrey Kaufman (Morton)
Noah Hopkins (Dunlap)
Colin Delaere (Pekin)
Abigail Reiser (Washington)
McKenzie Green (Eureka)
Grace Liening (Washington)
Elaine Grant (IVC)
Claire Cames (Elmwood)

Gwen Palmer (IVC)
Emily Yu (Dunlap)
Gabby DiGiallonardo (Dunlap)
Ashleigh Brawley (Princeville)
Alexi Fogo (Eureka)
Rayshun Buckner (Peoria High)
Drake Hawkins (Pekin)
Charlie Wake (Elmwood)
Eli Lanser (Dunlap)
Luke Heberer (Notre Dame)

Alex Feller (Elmwood)
Maxwell Jones (Pekin)
Joel Baer (Eureka)
Leland Sumer (Tremont)
Tori Deters (Dunlap)
Hannah Alvey (Illini Bluffs)
Kate Meyers (Elmwood)
Joy English (Washington)

Sierra Sonnemaker (Washington)
Helena Driscoll (Limestone)
Randi Robinson (East Peoria)
Morgan Greene (Eureka)
Sarah LaHood (East Peoria)
Hunter Mettille (IVC)
Nathan Righi (Pekin)
Trevor Heath (Peoria Heights)
Jacob Brown (Elmwood)

Justin Monge – Dunlap
Peyton Schoonover – IVC
Sam Hedrick – Brimfield
Jake Bachman – Eureka
Erica Shangraw – Washington
Francesca Verville – Dunlap
Natalie Bardwell – Eureka
Abbi Taylor – Peoria Christian

Jacob Gillum – Metamora
Carson Potts – Dunlap
Ryan Thornton – Limestone
Blake Begner – Peoria Heights
Lexi Trammel – Limestone
Allison Kinsinger – Washington
Natalie Cokel – Princeville
Nicole Thurman – Brimfield

Gabriel Sowards – Dunlap
Nicholas Campbell – Pekin
Randy Meneweather – Washington
Matthew Thole – Princeville
Shelby Terrell – Limestone
Meghan Georgieff – Dunlap
Emma Rohn – Dunlap
Breanna Springer – Farmington

Thomas Thornton – Limestone
Clayton Barth – Roanoke-Benson
Jaxon Douglas Rieke – Eureka
Madissyn Horack – IVC
Steffani Wiegand – Eureka
Allison Verville – Dunlap
Briana Mosher – Washington

Sean Zwicky – Pekin
Ben Rashid – IVC
Javon Lee – Manual
Ashlun Rulis – Metamora
Haley Willis – Washington
Catherine Cassulo – Washington

Kyle Thompson – Metamora
Tom O’Neil – Richwoods
Kyler Samp – Metamora
Erika Johnson – Pekin